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Revised August 8, 2007

At Davie Financial Services, Inc. we value you and your business and take seriously your rights to privacy. This privacy statement is provided to explain how we treat and manage your personal information, or customer information, that is not accessible by public record. Personal information, or customer information, is defined as information that we obtain directly from you and is not able to be secured from any public forum.

With respect to your personal or customer information, we do NOT:
1. Sell, or share, any personal or customer information obtained by Davie Financial Services, Inc. with any person, company, or organization that would use this said information to contact you in order to solicit or sell their products and/or services.

With respect to your personal or customer information, we DO:
1. Expect that the persons, companies, or organizations that provide products and/or services to Davie Financial Services, Inc. on our behalf will also retain your information in a confidential manner. Additionally, we expect that this personal or customer information is only used to perform transactions for the products/services requested by Davie Financial Services, Inc. and/or you, the customer.
2. Expect our employees, contractors, and vendors to retain safeguards to protect your personal information. We have shared our policies & procedures with these said parties and expect this confidential handling, maintaining, and retaining of all personal &/or customer information.

As an agent or broker, we may utilize your information to help with any insurance needs, or any other products or services requested. In addition, we may contact you regarding other areas of product/service offered by Davie Financial Services, Inc. and its affiliates; this may include, but is not limited to, any products, features, optional additional coverage's, benefits, and additional services offered by our organization and its member and/or affiliates, whether specifically requested or not. Without your consent we may provide your information to any contracted and/or non-contracted person, company, vendor, affiliate, or organization that has direct or indirect association with Davie Financial Services, Inc. in order to complete any transactions requested by you or your personal, business, legal or financial representative, to provide a full level of service to any or all services offered by Davie Financial Services, Inc., investigate any needs, claims, products that may be pertinent to you or your immediate family and any marketing of all available products/services, to detect or prevent any fraudulent situations, and to participate in any compliance audits, State & Federal governing bodies and comply with any lawful requests of information from any regulatory & law enforcement authorities. These persons, companies, organizations, and affiliates may include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Our contracted & non-contracted affiliates and/or companies, (2) Companies that provide products, or perform services to Davie Financial Services, Inc., (3) Other Insurance Companies & Financial Institutions that we have contractual agreements for the sale of insurance and/or financial products, (4) Other insurance companies that may or may not be contracted with Davie Financial Services, Inc. to provide products/services, (5) Independent & Proprietary Claims Adjusters, (6) Mortgage Lenders & Realtors affiliated with you and/or any related transactions, (7) Any actuarial or research business, (8) Any auditing firm, compliance or governing body, (9) Any person, law firm, or organization that request information pursuant to any court order or subpoena, (10) Any affiliated Employee, Agent, Broker, Independent Contractor, Sales Representative, that may be directly or indirectly affiliated with your products or services, (11) Repair Facilities or Licensed Contractor that may be currently, or in the future, be providing repair services to your physical property, and (12) Any other person, company, or organization that may be affiliated with the providing of a product or service to you, whether requested or not.

To find out more about how we obtain, manage, and secure your personal information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our web site is for insurance and financial products and services, tax preparation, title agency products/services and personal/business consulting and is not intended for minors. Our intent is to work with legal adults greater than or equal to 18 years of age. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (parent, legal guardian, or legal representative).



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